Photo Guide

It is important to note that the image you upload is what will determine the quality of your final portrait.


Here are some guidelines to ensure optimal results:

  • Capture the photo in a well-lit room or utilise natural light.
  • Avoid shadows that could obscure details.
  • Make sure your pet's neck and upper chest are visible in the image.
  • Whenever possible, take the photo from eye-level.
  • Please note that side angle pictures may not be approved.


Our team of artists will focus on drawing the pet's head and upper chest. They will include accessories like bows and collars unless otherwise specified during the customisation process by selecting 'Remove Accessories'. If your uploaded image does not contain the upper chest, our artists will make their best effort to add it seamlessly to align with the overall portrait.



• Clear image

• Nice lighting

• Chest appears in image


Pet laying down

• Dog not looking at camera


• Pet laying down

• Pets eyes not open

• Hand covering share of pets head

This is a guide only, we understand that not all pets are still with us and we can generally work with most photos.

If you are unsure your image is up to standard, email us at or use our Live Chat or Contact Us page to get in touch.